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I am the Assessment and User Experience Librarian at the University of Dayton Libraries. I am a graduate of Kent State University, where I received a Master of Library and Information Science degree in August 2011 and a Master of Science degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management with a concentration in User Experience Design in May 2012. My professional interests include usability, user experience design, information architecture, visual and information design, human-computer interaction, information technologies, and outreach services.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

I couldn’t resist posting this:

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Two More Reasons to Love Gmail

I’d like to extend a kudos to Google for two relatively new design improvements on Gmail. Brace yourself for a barrage of screenshots! The first improvement is a “Track package” button that will often appear next to an e-mail sent to a … Continue reading

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Small Improvement on Wikipedia Makes a Big Difference

Wikipedia has made a subtle improvement to its site that should greatly improve the site’s usability and user experience. The average article on Wikipedia includes footnotes (citations) of research sources and additional relevant information. Until recently, when a user clicked … Continue reading

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Micro-Moments and Conversations

I recently came across this article on Twitter, in which experience designer Stephen Anderson describes “micro-moments” and how they relate to interaction design. According to Anderson, micro-moments are “the smallest units of interaction in an online experience; like when automatically … Continue reading

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Trend: Flat Design

I’ve been reading about a trend called “flat design,” which is a form of user interface/web design that involves minimal use of drop shadows, gradients, 3D graphics, or anything else that would give the illusion of depth.  Flat designs have … Continue reading

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