UserZoom Webinar: How to Measure the ROI of User Experience

Last August, I created a post that discussed the relationship between user experience design and ROI.  In it, I questioned how UXers can effectively demonstrate the ROI of usability testing and user experience design methods.

Fortunately, a company called UserZoom recently offered a webinar that discussed this same topic.  UserZoom offers a software platform that assists organizations with conducting online UXD research.  This webinar, titled How to Measure the ROI of User Experience and presented by Susan Weinschenk, offers some solid examples of how the ROI of UXD can be demonstrated.  Weinschenk points out that implementing UXD methods can result in many benefits for an organization, including but not limited to:  increased customer satisfaction, reduced training costs, and reduced troubleshooting issues, and saved costs by avoiding multiple redesigns of a poorly designed product or service.

Please take some time to watch this webinar.  I found it both educational and reassuring for those in the UXD field.

Edit: UserZoom has posted 13 questions and answers that were not covered during the webinar due to time restrictions.  Check them out on the UserZoom website. It’s a worthwhile read.

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I am the Assessment and User Experience Librarian at the University of Dayton Libraries. I am a graduate of Kent State University, where I received a Master of Library and Information Science degree in August 2011 and a Master of Science degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management with a concentration in User Experience Design in May 2012. My professional interests include usability, user experience design, information architecture, visual and information design, human-computer interaction, information technologies, and outreach services.
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2 Responses to UserZoom Webinar: How to Measure the ROI of User Experience

  1. Oksana says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about the webinar. We are glad you found it educational.

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